Jason Corbett, guitarist and improviser


Boutique Guitar Lessons:

Recently, I've been offering some intermediate students 3, 4, and 5 pack of lessons with no real set dates or durations.  

Does this work?

It has worked very well with some students that just what to get back into lessons without committing to regular schedule lessons because of time constraints.  We can do the lesson at my house (I live in Kitsilano) or I can come to your place. Typically the lessons are at least an hour but sometimes they go for 2 or 3 hours, especially when wine is poured!  I’ve liked this casual approach b/c creativity and teaching are not always rigourous things.  I’ve been charging $100 per session. Each lesson will include notes and a recording of the session.

Let me know if this is of interest.
It also makes a wonderful gift for that guitarist in the family.

Contact me 604.396.5802 or jc@jasoncorbett.com


Jason's Top Ten Guitar Book Recommendations

1. Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats by Andrew York
  • the book that helped me transition from classical guy to jazzbo- thanks Andy!
2. Fingerstyle Jazz by Lenny Breau
  • a brief but concise lesson from Lenny done by John Knowles
3. Chord Chemistry by Ted Greene
  • the chord master reveals that all beauty comes with much much work
4. 28 etudes sur les modes à transpositions limitées d'Olivier Messiaen by Guy Lacour
  • a book that will make your sax guy stop joking about cliché guitar solos
5. Counterpoint for Guitar by Dusan Bogdonovic
  • improvising concepts in renaissance style in which you might need a third hand to play
6. Guitar Masterclass- Fernando Sor- 10 Studies by Abel Carlevaro
  • technical mastery at its highest , with nothing left undone
7. Swing Blues by Herb Ellis
  • simple blues/ jazz concepts that are tougher than they appear
8. An Anthology by Bill Frisell
  • Frisell's Charts!
9. Solo Guitar Works I & II by Ralph Towner
  • beautiful and intellectual pieces by ECM god
10. Popcorn Superhet Receiver by Jonny Greenwood
  • Greenwood gives us e.guitarist hope that we too can make it big in orchestra land